Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Welcome to the Million Dollar Book Club!

Welcome to the book club created exclusively for authors and promoters.  We are very excited to have you join us and find out more about how we help each other spread the word about new books.  Readers, thank you so much for stopping in, and feel free to enjoy looking at some of the incredible new books we hope will hit the top of the bestseller list soon.  While our book club is dedicated to authors and promoters, without wonderful readers we'd have no one to promote to!  

MDB (Million Dollar Book Club) is a group of authors and promoters that have joined forces with like minds to promote and be promoted.  The best description is a pay-it-forward mentality that focuses on getting new books in front of the reading public.  Our belief is by working together, everyone wins.  This blog is an extension of the facebook group, which you can find here:

Please take a minute to read the FAQ if you're interested in joining our club.  All memberships are vetted through the Admins and we take our VIP list very seriously.  In other words, team players are what we are searching for!  Thank you so much for stopping in on our ground level endeavor.  We look forward to sharing great books with you! 

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